About Sean Hu   关于胡商

Sean Hu, President, CGA

The company is headed by Mr. Sean Hu, CGA, who has authored 8business and tax books in recent years and is an advisor in international taxation and public relations to some of the top Chinese multinationals and universities. With a political science degree from York University, Sean is a highly appreciated news & current-affairs analyst and commentator for Omni 2 TV and Fairchild TV, Wow TV, Singtao Daily, Mingbao Daily, World Journal Daily and other Toronto-based Chinese media. He was invited to speak at the Citizenship and Immigration Committee of the Canadian Parliament on immigration issues in 2008 and was honored again by the invitation to speak at a Parliamentary Policy Forum in 2010 on Canada-China trade issues.

Sean is actively involved in community service. He has founded or served as director of such community organizations as Chinese Business Chamber of Canada, Centre for Information and Community Services of Ontario (a charity), Canadian Chinese Art Association, and so on. In May 2012 he was honored by Ontario Lieutenant Governor’s appointment to one of the government agencies as a council member representing the public.

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主持公司业务的是注册会计师(CGA),税务上诉师胡商。胡商已完成八部商务及税务著作,是中国跨国公司的国际商务及税务顾问。曾在多伦多约克大学获得政治学学位的胡商,也是加拿大商务及时事评论家,受邀评论的媒体包括Omni 2电视,Fairchild电视,Wow电视,星岛日报,明报,世界日报,以及其它加拿大中文媒体。胡商曾于2008年应邀在加拿大国会的公民与移民委员会就移民问题发表讲话,后又应邀于2010年在加拿大国会政策论坛上发表有关中加贸易的演讲。